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Seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Both centuries left an indelible mark on anatomy and physiology. One of the most important acquisitions of physiology was the discovery of blood circulation, which made Harvey's fame.

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He presented his theory in lectures as early as 1613, but published a book on this subject in 1628; only after 25 years of controversy did Harvey's teaching finally triumphed. Borelli, Haller and Gamberger studied breathing phenomena in detail and clarified the role of the lungs.

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Lymphatic vessels are described by Azelli, Peket, Rudlek, Mascagni, and others; they also proved or established a connection between the lymphatic system and the circulatory system. To explain digestion and nutrition, Van Helmont performed many experiments, and Stenon and Wharton presented anatomical data. In the XVII century. the anatomy of tissues (histology) is composed.

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Malpighi, using a microscope, studies the development of the chicken, blood circulation in the smallest vessels, the structure of the tongue, glands, liver, kidneys, skin. Ruysch became famous for his excellent filling (injections) of vessels, which made it possible to see vessels where they were not previously suspected. Over the course of 50 years, Leeuwenhoek has found many new facts in the study of all tissues and parts of the human body; opened blood cells and seminal filaments (sperm). Many autopsies provided rich material for pathological anatomy.

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For the first time such observations were collected by Bone, but Margani was the true creator of the new science. It is difficult to convey in a few words those profound changes that in the II century. M. survived in its systems.
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Following one teaching, another often arose, directly opposite; each challenged the right to explain all medical phenomena. Van Helmont is in some respects close to Paracelsus, but higher than the latter in depth of thought and erudition. His system is a mixture of mysticism, vitalism, chemism. According to his teaching, special life principles, archaea, control the body through enzymes; each part of the body has its own archaea, and these small archaea depend on the main one; the sensual soul stands above the archean; small archaea act through special weightless fluids - blas, which senses, moves and changes.
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While the archaean is in its natural state, a part of the body or the whole organism is healthy, but if the archaean is afraid, a disease is detected. To cure the disease, you should calm the archean, strengthen it by prescribing various medicines: mercury, antimony, opium, wine; carried ones are given with caution; bloodletting is completely banished, for it weakens the patient.
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Sylvius le Boe, anatomist and chemist, is a representative of the numerous iatrochemistry school. He accepts the teachings of Van Helmont on archaea and enzymes, but changes it in no way, in order to make it more understandable: the items are caused by chemicals - alkalis and acids, although they are controlled by spirits. The alkaline or acidic properties of liquids are the causes of disorders that can develop in dense parts, liquids, perfume, or the soul. Medicines were prescribed to alter the acidic or alkaline characteristics of fluids.
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This teaching spread rapidly in Europe, especially in England and Germany. Thomas Willis gave iatrochemistry a slightly different form. According to his teaching, the body consists of spirits, water, sulfur, salt and earth; spirits serve as sources of movement and life; life is produced and sustained by fermentation, all functions are fermentation, and special enzymes are found in all organs.
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Diseases occur with improper fermentation; disorders are found mainly in perfumes and in the blood, into which harmful ferments from outside or from tissues fall; it is necessary to cleanse the body and spirits, reduce the volatile properties of blood, increase the sulfur content in the latter; phlebotomy is beneficial because it dampens irregular fermentation.
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Borelli is rightly considered the founder of the school of iatromechanics.

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"The latter, in order to explain the phenomena taking place in the body, called for information about the then known physical forces (elasticity, attraction); in addition, much was explained by chemical interactions (fermentation, evaporation, crystallization, coagulation, precipitation, etc.)."
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Borelli taught that muscle contraction depends on the swelling of cells due to the penetration of blood and perfume; the latter go along the nerves voluntarily or involuntarily; as soon as the spirits have met the blood, an explosion occurs and a contraction appears.
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"The blood regenerates the organs, and the nervous spirit maintains their vital properties. A large number of diseases arise from a disorder of the nerve juice, which occurs due to irritation or clogging of the nerve branches in the organs and glands."

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Balivi, dissatisfied with any system, proved the advantages of inheriting truth through experience, found out the spirit of Hippocratic M. and its useful features, rebelled against the opinions of Galen and iatrochemists, and advised not to get carried away with theories at the patient's bedside. In general, Balivi investigated the methods of thinking in M. and indicated the right paths for the discovery of truth. According to Hoffmann, life consists of blood circulation and movement of other fluids; it is sustained by blood and spirits, and by means of secretions and secretions it balances functions and protects the body from decay and decay.

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The circulation is the cause of warmth, all forces, muscle tension, inclinations, qualities, character, intelligence and madness; the cause of blood circulation should be considered the narrowing and expansion of solid particles, which occurs due to the very complex composition of the blood. The contractions of the heart are due to the influence of the nervous fluid developing in the brain.”

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In general, all items are explained mechanically. Diseases occur due to disorders in the movement of solid parts, which leads to disorders of fluids. Medication should reduce tension (anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory) or increase it (firming), or change the composition of fluids (alter); the means operate depending on the patient's condition, age, etc. Another representative of the iatromechanism - Burgav - enjoyed particular fame.

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